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1. the number of occurrences of a periodic or recurrent process in a unit of time, such as the number of electrical cycles per second measured in hertz. In cardiac pacing terminology, frequency is expressed by the formula: frequency = ½ × pulse width.
2. the number of occurrences of a particular event or the number of members of a population or statistical sample falling in a particular class.
radio frequency the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation between 10 kilohertz and 100 gigahertz, used for radio communication.
relative frequency the ratio of the number of occurrences of a specified phenomenon in a population to the total size of the population.
urinary frequency urination at short intervals without increase in daily volume of urinary output, due to reduced bladder capacity or cystitis.

radio frequency

An MRI term for an electromagnetic wave with a frequency in the same range as that used for transmitting radio and television signals. The RF pulses used in MRI are usually in the 1–100 megahertz range, which cause heating of a structure or tissue due to RF pulse absorption.
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The Australian Government previously sought public comment on the benefits and costs of maximising what has become known as Australia's digital dividend', the term used to describe the radio frequency spectrum made available as a result of the switchover to digital-only television, and in doing so has announced it will release a contiguous block of spectrum between 694MHz and 820MHz to be freed-up from switchover.
Due to the difficult characteristics of the relief, the use of the radio frequency spectrum resource conversion problem is added to the traditional issues of the need for optimization of the spectrum of our country, as well as the entire region,- the Minister mentioned.
Sources at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday said the contributions comprised all PTA's receipts including Initial and Annual License Fees, Annual Radio Frequency Spectrum, Spectrum Administrative Fee, Universal Service Fund (USF) and Research and Development Fund Contributions, APC for USF, Numbering Charges, License Application fee etc.
VLC technologies are one of the communication methods which the so-called Internet of Things will use to connect millions of consumer electronics and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices cost effectively, and without the use of scarce radio frequency spectrum.
The conference is held every three to four years to revise the International Radio Regulation Treaty governing global use of the radio frequency spectrum and satellite orbit resources.
This work addresses science and engineering challenges to the best uses of the radio frequency spectrum.
Transition to digital broadcasting will lead to creation of new communication networks, enhancement of effectiveness of use of radio frequency spectrum," he added.
The FBA has exclusive authority to allocate and assign portions of the radio frequency spectrum to the government, providers of telecommunication services and telecommunication systems, radio and television broadcasting operations, public and private wireless operators and others.
Max Telecom OOD (for 2 N 8 MHz), 4G Com EAD (2 N 8 MHz) and Bulsatcom AD (2 N 5 MHz) will provide public electronic communications services in the1800 MHz range of the radio frequency spectrum for ten years, the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) said.
The Commission is expected to insist on the need to anticipate and organise the integration of RFIDs into open technological environments characterised by a policy of harmonisation of the radio frequency spectrum and interoperability between technologies with a view to their broad adoption.
The physics of the radio frequency spectrum mean that certain frequencies are better suited for certain applications and that interference between systems must be considered.
5 GHz radio frequency spectrum in the 29 largest cities in China, through a partnership with CECT-Chinacomm.

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