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Based on the aforementioned discussion this might be due to the fact that the radical ion produced by the attack of the initiator on the 'O' monomer (R--O.) was bulky and stable due to the presence of dodecayl group in its structure, however, it made it difficult for it to attack on another monomer comprising dodecayl due to the steric reason.
The reaction mechanism largely depends upon the stability of the radical ions produced during the reaction.
The resulting ion can dissociate into a free radical and a radical ion:
Related environmental toxicology work involves radical ions and phenoxyl species.
Fe catalyses hydrogen peroxide conversion to free radical ions which attack cellular membranes causing DNA strand breaks, inactivating enzymes, depolymerizing polysaccharides, and also initiating lipid peroxidation.
Pigments contribute to stress resistance and may be consumed as they participate in radical ions elimination and energy dissipation (Strzalka et al., 2003; Wilson et al.,2006).
Reduction in photosynthetic pigments may be caused by oxidative stress reactions, where pigments are consumed in scavenging of radical ions induced by irradiation.
Putting matters simply, a key to producing chemical reactions in cryptochromes is to influence the correlated spin states of paired radical ions (Johnsen & Lohmann, 2005).
Wayner, FCIC, National Institute for Nanotechnology, National Research Council of Canada (NRC), has made seminal contributions to the electrochemistry, kinetics and thermochemistry of organic free radicals and radical ions. His innovative studies provided the first comprehensive compilation of standard potentials of radicals, dramatically increased the store of reliable bond dissociation energies, and generated many novel chemical probes of reaction mechanisms.
They theorized that a chemical agent, superoxide radical ions, could arise and destroy organics on Mars.
A key area of research is the study of electron transfer processes and the dynamics of the reactions of radical ions using organic electrochemical and photochemical methods; a particular focus is the study of electron transfer to endoperoxides with biological relevance.
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