radiant flux

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flux, radiant

Power emitted in the form of radiation. It is measured in watts or ergs per second.
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Spectral distribution--relative radiant power versus wavelength, in nanometers (nm);
At 7.6 kW/[m.sup.2] radiant power density or below, no embers were detectable, even after long periods of time.
The tissue must be thick enough to provide sufficient glucose for reliable detection and yet thin enough to yield sufficiently large radiant powers for high spectral quality.
UV Irradiance is the radiant power, within a stated wavelength range, arriving at a surface per unit area, usually expressed in watts or milliwatts per square centimeter.
One of the most important requirements for working standards development was to produce linear operation in a wide radiant power range.
16 April 2012 a[euro]" US aerospace, defence and electronics company Heico Corp (NYSE:HEI) said on Monday that its unit Radiant Power Corp had bought the aerospace business of Moritz Aerospace Inc for a non-specified purchase price in cash.