radiant flux

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flux, radiant

Power emitted in the form of radiation. It is measured in watts or ergs per second.
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Spectral distribution--relative radiant power versus wavelength, in nanometers (nm);
If the optical pathlength is too long, however, excessive light attenuation will increase noise by reducing radiant power at the detector.
All inks, coatings, or adhesives will absorb the UV arriving at the surface, but the radiant power available deeper within the film will depend on the absorption in the film.
One of the most important requirements for working standards development was to produce linear operation in a wide radiant power range.
Typical 10 watt package performance of up to 2 watts of radiant power sets new records for Deep Red products and enables high radiant power density for the horticulture market.
Offering high radiant power of 40 mW at 100 mA, the VSLB9530S is offered in a clear molded, leaded TELUX package with an oval lens designed to support an angle of half intensity of A 18A in the vertical direction and A 36A in the horizontal direction.
16 April 2012 a[euro]" US aerospace, defence and electronics company Heico Corp (NYSE:HEI) said on Monday that its unit Radiant Power Corp had bought the aerospace business of Moritz Aerospace Inc for a non-specified purchase price in cash.
In addition, the Electronic Technologies Group reported that it is moving forward with its previously announced plans to relocate its Radiant Power Corp.