Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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The stance of the force against racism, racial harassment, racially-motivated crime, homophobia and other group hatred is evident in every aspect of the performance of its duty,' he says.
To the contrary, the history has been one of the police and other agencies in the criminal justice system playing down the significance of racially-motivated crime at virtually every stage.
That figure is disputed by West Mercia Police, although they admit that racially-motivated crimes are vastly under-reported.
He helped establish links and encourage minority groups to report racially-motivated crimes.
Bowyer is also thought to feel strongly that because he has never been convicted of any racially-motivated crime he has no duty to speak out about it.
2 per cent burglary rate in the same 12-month period, the pilot scheme will aim to improve Neighbourhood Watch schemes and study racially-motivated crime.
The police and the city council went to explain what they were doing to tackle racially-motivated crime," he said.
The "race squad" would help investigate and prosecute racially-motivated crime and help victims and their families deal with the justice system.
The project, called Third-Party Reporting, comes just a week after the force announced a 74 per cent rise in racially-motivated crime in the last nine months of 1999.
The skills and resources that we have applied successfully to other areas have not, as a matter of priority, been applied to racially-motivated crime.
Only one other Muslim holds a seat in the US Congress -- Keith Ellison of Minnesota -- but at a time when racially-motivated crimes are up in the US, a young Egyptian American is running for governor.
RELIGIOUSLY and racially-motivated crimes have increased by 78% in West Yorkshire since 2012.