Racial Profiling

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(1) The use of racial or ethnic characteristics in assessing a person’s risk of committing a particular type of illegal act
(2) The practice by law enforcers of targeting racial groups—e.g., presumed Middle Easternersat airport security or African Americans during motorist stops—because of the belief that they are more likely to engage in criminal activity
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The sheriff's office said the missing money complaints are unsubstantiated but noted anyone can bring similar grievances to a court-appointed official who is monitoring the agency after a judge found it systematically racially profiled Latinos.
com/2012/09/12/tyler-perry-atlanta-police-traffic-stop-racist-investigation/) TMZ notes that the two white officers could not have seen Perry behind his car's tinted windows, meaning they could not have racially profiled the director.
To do that, people should "believe our friends of color" when they tell of being racially profiled, Syrett said.
Although the issue has been out of the public discourse in recent months, the poll shows that the threat of being racially profiled by law enforcement is still overwhelmingly prevalent.
Today, that same person can be racially profiled, stopped, turned over to the FBI and INS, and detained for up to six months without being charged with any crime or violation.
I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever been racially profiled by a white woman.
Everyone here is assuming the officer racially profiled a black guy, when there is no evidence to support this assumption.
An auditor hired by the city to review complaints against Eugene police said there may never be a resolution to Cortez Jordan's allegation that he was racially profiled by police.
The young man claimed he was racially profiled, falsely arrested and beaten by the police officer.
The media have served up a smorgasbord of deliberately one-sided, negatively slanted articles, editorials and guest viewpoints, all in favor of Jordan and his claim of being racially profiled by Eugene police officer Wayne Dorman.
The sheriff, who faces a federal grand jury investigation on criminal abuse-of-power allegations, including accusations that he has racially profiled Latinos, has been a prominent birther.
Illegal pedestrian stop, racial profiling - Complainant alleged an officer stopped him without cause and racially profiled him.