Racial Profiling

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(1) The use of racial or ethnic characteristics in assessing a person’s risk of committing a particular type of illegal act
(2) The practice by law enforcers of targeting racial groups—e.g., presumed Middle Easternersat airport security or African Americans during motorist stops—because of the belief that they are more likely to engage in criminal activity
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After talking with your friends who were racially profiled, what was your feeling about how the federal government looks at immigration?
What irks the community leaders is that Pakistanis are being racially profiled,'' the report said.
His remarks only further insinuates that Chinese and Chinese Americans continue to be treated racially profiled as perpetual foreigners in the intelligence community.
It also would have required counseling and training for officers who racially profiled drivers and prohibited what are called "pretext stops" - traffic stops for one offense that are used to investigate another.
A Lane County employee has filed a complaint with the state of Oregon claiming to have been racially profiled in Eugene last month by a Lane County sheriff's deputy, and accusing the county of not having a legally required racial profiling complaint system.
Meanwhile, male migrant workers are often racially profiled and harassed by police, deterring them from enjoying their basic right to public space.
The prosecution argued that Zimmerman had racially profiled the unarmed teen, instigating the fight that led to the shooting.
A federal judge ruled that Arpaio's office, which made immigration enforcement one of its top priorities, systematically racially profiled Latinos in its immigration and regular traffic patrols -- a finding that the sheriff vigorously disputes.
Prosecutors had argued that Zimmerman shot Martin dead on 26 February 2012 because he had racially profiled him as he walked through his neighbourhood wearing a hooded sweatshirt.
The trial raised strong passions among those who believed that Zimmerman -- whose father is white and whose mother is Peruvian -- had racially profiled Martin, and those convinced that the volunteer watchman acted in self defense.
Your college degree and high- paying position will not keep you from being racially profiled.
The reason why Blacks in cars are racially profiled is because it is believed they will disproportionately have drugs on them.