Racial Profiling

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(1) The use of racial or ethnic characteristics in assessing a person’s risk of committing a particular type of illegal act
(2) The practice by law enforcers of targeting racial groups—e.g., presumed Middle Easternersat airport security or African Americans during motorist stops—because of the belief that they are more likely to engage in criminal activity
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The point, for now, is simply to highlight the incongruity of supposing both that racial profiling is a form of racism and that it is, nonetheless, justified--at least if one cares about racial equality.
"Racial profiling occurs," Tanovich says, "when law enforcement or security officials, consciously or unconsciously, subject individuals at any location to heightened scrutiny based solely or in part on race, ethnicity, Aboriginality, place of origin, ancestry, or religion or on stereotypes associated with any of these factors rather than on objectively reasonable grounds to suspect that the individual is implicated in criminal activity."
It is in this context that an analysis of Paying the Price is formulated, with the aim of demonstrating the extent to which the OHRC has framed racial profiling in ways that have the effect of undermining public understanding of the practice in question.
By most accounts, the public campaign against racial profiling has been a great success.
The Canadian Review of Policing Research defines racial profiling as: "a racial disparity in police stop and search practices, customs searches at airports and border-crossings, in police patrols in minority neighbourhoods and in undercover activities or sting operations which target particular ethnic groups."
If this is true, that would constitute racial profiling, said Scot Wortley, a professor with the University of Toronto criminology department.
"Racial profiling is a form of racial bias whereby citizens are stopped, questioned, searched, or even arrested on the basis of their minority status per se rather than due to a demonstrated, elevated risk of lawbreaking."
Thomas said he and his staff were victims of racial profiling at a JPMorgan Chase office in White Plains.
The advertisement was pulled from TV broadcasts on Saturday after it courted controversy and allegations of racial profiling.
The racial profiling of Muslim travellers has gone to the extent where many are kept on watch lists by security and intelligence agencies of the country.
The Immigration Department will investigate claims by a non-profit organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo whose staff was detained at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), that the department practises racial profiling.