Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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The race hate attack by a child of six happened last year, following one by a seven-year-old in 2015.
The aim of the event is to raise awareness, celebrate diversity and increase reporting on race hate crime.
West Midlands Police revealed that they recorded 1,025 hate crimes in Coventry from April 2014 to March 2017 - 985 race hate crimes and 40 religious hate crimes.
The number of alleged race hate offences logged by the force between June 24 and July 7 amounts to a 57 per cent increase compared with the previous two weeks - and an even sharper rise of 78 per cent on the equivalent period last year.
BTP statistics for the two weeks after the referendum, obtained following a Freedom of Information request, show that: | There were 11 alleged race hate offences on June 25 - the day after the outcome of the vote was announced; | At the time the FOI response was issued earlier this month, 22 people had been arrested in relation to the cases recorded in the fortnight after the referendum was held.
One Labour councillor has promised an investigation into the statistics after they revealed that 16 of the 23 Kirklees wards have recorded rises in race hate incidents since 2010.
Merseyside Police said the 1,700 race hate crimes recorded in the year up to April 2015 reflected "growing confidence" to report such crimes among victims and the public.
And race hate crimes made up the vast bulk of the 1,224 complaints to South Wales Police with 878 incidents reported last year compared to the 811 from the year before.
Sydney, Apr 27 ( ANI ): British Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis are reportedly facing strong opposition from coalition MPs over race hate law changes.
Idrees Rashid, inset, of the Middlesbrough British Minority Ethnic Network, said: "It is concerning to hear that race hate crime figures for Cleveland Police area remain statistic despite a number of proactive measures being implemented by Cleveland Police.
Meanwhile, race hate crimes fell by almost four per cent to 4165 in 2010-11.