Hate Crime

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A crime committed against a member of a particular group, motivated by a prejudice against that particular group
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A spokesman said: "This does not necessarily mean there is more race hate crime.
Atkinson and Bostock pleaded guilty to operating the RVF's website to stir up race hate.
To read that people have been driven to flee our city because of race hate makes me furious.
Group co-ordinator Cathy Newman said: ``The award was recognition for the high degree of cooperation that has been achieved over the past three years, and for our work in supporting victims of race hate crime in Wirral.
THE British National Party leader faces a trial on race hate charges after his case was committed to crown court yesterday.
POLICING chiefs yesterday launched a new offensive against rising levels of race hate attacks in Northern Ireland.
It is no wonder that Nazi scum have the confidence to crawl out of the gutter when national government policies create an atmosphere for race hate, for example, with cuts in social spending.
A NORTH Wales group working to curb race hate crime is facing closure because of a lack of funds, AMs were told yesterday.
POLICE are to study race hate cases in West Yorkshire in a bid to halt rising attacks on Northern Ireland's ethnic minorities.
THE leader of the British National Party was yesterday bailed after appearing in court charged with four race hate offences.
PREMIERSHIP star Craig Bellamy had race hate allegations dropped against him yesterday and replaced with lesser charges.
The BBC documentary featured covertly-filmed footage showing BNP activists confessing to race hate crimes and Mr Griffin, chairman of the BNP since 1999, condemning Islam as a ``vicious, wicked faith''.