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Infectious disease An animal of the class Leporidae that may carry various pathogens: Brucella suis biotype 2, Cheyletiella infestation, Francisella tularensis, plague, Q-fever, Trichophyton
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Frontex executive director Ilkka Laitinen signed a decision on December 3 authorising an extension of the Agency's deployment of Rapid Border Intervention Teams (RABITs) to the Greek-Turkish land border.
"The immediate launch of the Poseidon joint operation to follow up on the RABIT will ensure continuity in effectively controlling the Greek-Turkish border, as well as in addressing irregular immigration in the Eastern Mediterranean region," EU Home Affairs Commissioner Malmstrom said in a statement on Wednesday.
Since the beginning of Operation RABIT - Frontex's rapid border intervention team - in 2010, and through the following months, a decrease in these numbers has been observed: in November (4,631) and December (3,423) the average daily detection rate fell to 154 (-37%) and 110 (-57%), respectively.
RABIT, the emergency operation to combat illegal immigration at the border between Greece and Turkey, has come to an end.
The MCP Minimolder series, which supersedes the Rabit and Butler range distributed by Tomken Tool and West Coast Mold, is a 9.9-ton machine with two-stage screw/plunger injection.
One of the tasks assigned to Frontex is to coordinate implementation of rapid border intervention teams (RABIT).
by TomKen Tool & Engineering, Inc.: A 5-ton, horizontal "Rabit" toggle machine is offered with pneumatic or hydraulic drive and 2- or 4-g plunger.
The RABIT (Rapid Border Intervention Teams) mechanism, which enables the deployment of Community border guards, was activated for the first time, on 2 November, along the Greek-Turkish border.
15/160 is the largest of the company's so-called "Rabit" line, and has a shot weight of 0.53 oz--three times the capacity of previous models.