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earlier signaled more moves to reduce the RRR, as he vowed to 'gradually lessen its reliance on reserve requirements for managing liquidity in the financial system.
Conversely, BD values were significantly different between RRR and RUR, RUU and UUU at all depths (Fig.
Plots of LLL and RRR rays for k > 1 are given in Figures 10 and 11, respectively.
Three quantities that are common variables in RRR measurements of superconductors are temperature, magnetic field, and angle of the magnetic field.
The two 50-basis-point RRR increases just locked up the same amount of liquidity.
1) Routing zones in ZRP are created around each and every node in the network all the time, whereas routing zones of RRR are formed around paths that are created and destroyed dynamically with time.
Subsequent questions presented similar scenarios but with efficacy of treatment presented as either RRR or ARR.
Espenilla also allayed concerns that reducing RRR is inflationary.
Just a week after the policy rates were kept frozen and unchanged, the seven-man Monetary Board of the BSP reduced the banks' RRR by one percentage point, bringing it lower to 19 percent, from 20 percent at present.
The RRR, one of the traditional monetary policy instruments available to the BSP, is the percentage of bank deposits and deposit substitute liabilities that banks maintain or deposit with the central bank.
The People's Bank of China said in a statement on its website that it had examined banks' implementations of targeted RRR cuts.
eIuWe believe the next move will have to be a RRR cut in order to regain policy effectiveness and credibility,eIN ANZ economists wrote.