RPR test

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rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test

 [rap´id plaz´mah re´ah-jin]
any of a group of screening flocculation tests for syphilis, using a modified VDRL antigen.
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rap·id plas·ma re·a·gin test

a group of serologic tests for syphilis in which unheated serum or plasma is reacted with a standard test antigen containing charcoal particles; positive tests yield a flocculation. A modification, called the RPR (circle) card test, is widely used as a screening test.
Synonym(s): RPR test
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RPR test

Rapid plasma reagin test, reagin test Lab medicine A test for syphilis in which the Pt's serum is incubated with reagin, a lipoidal antigen containing cardiolipin–diphosphatidylglycerol, cholesterol, lecithin. See Biological false positivity.
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Laboratory Results IHC Results 1 RPR test nonreactive Positive FTA-ABS test reactive Tpallidum qualitative real-time PCR positive HIV test positive 2 RPR test reactive Positive FTA-ABS test reactive HIV test unknown 3 RPR test reactive Positive TP-PA test reactive HIV test unknown 4 RPR test reactive Positive Syphilis treponemal antibody positive HIV test positive Abbreviations: FTA-ABS, fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus;IHC, immunohistochemistry; MSM, men who have sex with men; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; RPR, rapid plasma reagin; TP-PA, Treponema pallidum particle agglutination.
The RPR test had an unacceptably low sensitivity as a syphilis screening procedure, indicating a low syphilis prevalence of only 1% (the TPHA test indicated a prevalence of 11.7%).
Nontreponemal tests, such as the RPR test and venereal disease research laboratory (VDRL) test, detect antibodies to cardiolipin and are not specific for treponemal infection.
As with the RPR test, patients whose ulcerations were only MPCRTP positive had a higher FTA-ABS seropositivity rate than those with other aetiologies recorded (96.2% v.
Among the many serologic tests available, the RPR test and FTA-ABS test are the most widely employed.
While non-treponemal tests (NTTs), VDRL test and RPR tests are used for screening, follow-up and treatment, treponemal tests are used to verify the diagnosis (7).
ESPLINE TP and RPR tests have been validated for use in OWPs (11).
Some data were also available on 13 patients with equivocal (2) or positive (11) EIA results, positive FTA assays and negative RPR tests. Of these three had a past history of syphilis and two of AID while eight had a history of neither.