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A genus of plants including the roses (family Rosaceae); several varieties are the sources of rose oil: Rosa alba, cottage rose; Rosa centifolia, the pale rose or cabbage rose (source of official rose oil); Rosa damascena, damask rose; and Rosa gallica, red rose or French rose.
[L. rose]
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ROSO through active suction potentially restricts the damage of corneal endothelium by restricting extensive contact between the SO and corneal endothelium7.
Studies report several techniques for ROSO including anterior approach through limbus and posterior through pars plana route.
The quality, efficiency, and price of terminal services are factors that affect the terminal competitiveness, together with the quality of its access and road/rail interface (Roso 2008).
As drogas deveriam ser vistas enquanto fenomeno complexo que envolve questoes psicologicas, economicas, sociologicas e politicas (Romanini & Roso, 2012).
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In Brazil, however, the opposite has been noted: it was when crack consumption spread to the upper classes that the "crack scare" began (Romanini & Roso, 2012).
A mais comum e o medo exacerbado de exposicao a avaliacao por parte dos outros e de ser humilhado ou ridicularizado em situacoes sociais por apresentar atitudes inadequadas (Casas, Alvarez, Lopez, & Aranda, 2012; Ito, Roso, Tiwari, Kendall, & Asbahr, 2008; Pinto Gouveia, 2000).
Company country manager Sandesh Patil received the award from Global Trade Leaders Club chief executive and secretary general Ricardo Roso Lopez.