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an enzyme that catalyzes the depolymerization of ribonucleic acid.
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Abbreviation for ribonuclease. For terms bearing this abbreviation, see subentries under ribonuclease
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(är′ĕn-ās′, -āz′) also


(är′ĕn-ā′ās′, -āz′)
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Abbreviation for ribonuclease.
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Expression of circRNA was analysed in both RNase R (-) and RNase R (+) treated RNA samples.
To further confirm the above results in vivo, excisional wounds (Figure 5(a)) on mice were treated with purified hAEC-Exos together with either PROse or RNase A via subcutaneous injection; injection of equal amount of PBS served as control.
Yang et al., "The oncogenic roles of DICER1 RNase IIIb domain mutations in ovarian sertoli-leydig cell tumors," Neoplasia, vol.
As discussed, in rhPCR, a mismatch at or near the RNA base inhibits the ability of RNase H2 to unblock an rhPCR primer.
Based on the above analysis, the RNase H method has low sensitivity for cfRNA-seq library preparation.
As production of RNase by bacilli in the human body is a natural mechanism, the activation of 2',3'-cGMP by nontransition metals can enhance biological effects of binase.
Xenogeneic, extracellular cytotoxic ribonucleases (RNases) of bacterial or eukaryotic origin, that trigger apoptosis/ cytotoxicity in tumor and other cells, may have a great potential as anticancer drugs [7-11].
The HIV-1 RT-associated RNase H activity was measured as previously described (Esposito et al., 2013).
Infection of keratinocytes with Trichophytum rubrum induces epidermal growth factor-dependent RNase 7 and human beta-defensin-3 expression.
The anti-DEN activities of these three OAS isoforms correlated with their ability to trigger RNase L activation in DENV infected cells.
The pancreas has an extremely high level of RNase. RNA degradation occurs while the pancreas tissue is removed during dissection.