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El factor amenazante hace referencia a la probabilidad de que la exposicion a las RNI emitidas por las EBTM generen efectos biologicos adversos o impactos a la salud de la poblacion que se encuentra cerca a estas fuentes radiantes; mientras que el factor vulnerable hace alusion a la susceptibilidad de las personas para ser afectadas por las RNI (Torres y Ochoa, 2007; Gallego, 2011).
In 2007, RNI and a Cuban sugar company established investment and technology cooperation.
The later version, agreed to by RNI attorneys, simply states that there is an ongoing grand jury investigation.
With the reform-opposed RNI in talks with the PJD, and August 17 set as the date for anti-government protests by Morocco's version of the Egyptian Tamarod (rebel) movement that reportedly collected more than 22 million signatures calling for the ouster of then president Mursi, the outlook for fiscal reforms -is looking increasingly difficult.
Lors de cette reunion, dont l'ordre du jour comportait un point unique a savoir continuer dans l'opposition ou participer au gouvernement, les intervenants representant les sections du RNI dans toutes les regions du Royaume, ont indique que toute decision doit tenir compte de l'interet national, de l'exception marocaine et de tout ce qui est de nature a renforcer l'image, la place et le poids du parti sur la scene politique nationale.
The partnership also allows us to learn more about how we can develop public safety applications and products," said RNI president and chief executive officer, Morton C.
Dans un communique publie a l'issue de sa reunion hebdomadaire mardi, le bureau politique a indique que le president du RNI Salaheddine Mezouar, a presente un expose detaille sur la rencontre qu'il a eue avec le chef de gouvernement dans le cadre des consultations que mene ce dernier en vue de constituer une nouvelle majorite.
The committee alleges that Noah Mesel, president of RNI Wind Down Corporation and Riverstone's top lawyer dating back from the beginning of 2004, deleted files from the company's laptop hard drive and then either got rid of or misplaced his the hard drive altogether, even though he knew that the files should be preserved.
RNi, a leader in the research, development and deployment of broadband wireless Internet access networks, today announced the availability of the RNi 2400 Wireless IP (WIP) Router(TM).
Deux candidats en lice, en l'occurrence, Brahim Hafidi du RNI et Abdessamad Kayouh du PI.
The US$ 22 million project will utilize 215,000 tons of bagasse as waste from the sugar factory every year, RNI director Son Ramadir said.