Fire Safe Cigarette

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A special cigarette that quickly extinguishes if ignored, which is designed to reduce unintended fires, a common cause of death in smokers.
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Research shows that RIP cigarettes can reduce the incidence of such fires by as much as two-thirds.
He said: "In many parts of the world RIP cigarettes are on sale already.
I am very unhappy that we in Europe are lagging so far behind and have not yet brought in any regulation to ensure that RIP cigarettes are the only cigarettes on sale here.
If RIP cigarettes are the norm in six states and Canada, there is no reason for Europe not to follow.
If enough states would require RIP cigarettes, the tobacco industry would stop making any other kind.
History aside, cigarette-makers' claim of technical obstacles is being disproved every day in New York, where RIP cigarettes have been required by law since last June.
The Canadian Hazardous Products Act, which will require all tobacco companies to sell RIP cigarettes, takes effect next year.
The sale of RIP cigarettes in New York demonstrates that the industry has the capability to sell self-extinguishing products everywhere, say plaintiff lawyers who handle cigarette-fire cases.