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What Reg FD does is make it harder to get a short-term tactical advantage, but if you're in a stock for a long period, you don't care about quarterly gyrations, or getting inside tips on earnings.
Because most companies have already been providing material information prior to Reg FD, insurers are experiencing minimal impact since the rule went into effect.
The agreement signed today requires that the transaction be completed in the course of a REG bankruptcy proceeding under Chapter 11 of the U.
OES believes it has the right solutions to respond to the needs of the industry for many of the obligations created by Reg NMS.
MarketAxis and OTR Compliance Recall are both FIX compliant, enabling any DMA, OMS, exchange or proprietary system to connect seamlessly, thus allowing partners and vendors to offer their clients an easily deployable turnkey Reg.
Full compliance with Reg AB requirements is fast approaching for registered offerings of securities issued after Dec.
Judge Daniels' decision cites the SEC's statements in its Reg FD Proposing Release that the regulation could have a "chilling effect" in that "corporate officials (might) become more cautious in communicating with analysts or selected investors" especially when these communications take the form of "unrehearsed question-and-answer sessions, and responses to unsolicited inquiries.
TSX Venture Exchange:RRE) (OTCBB:REGRF) wish to announce that an exclusive distributor agreement for Canada for Reg Technologies, Inc.
REG currently operates in 24 states with primary market concentrations in Florida, California, Texas and Georgia.
Since then, the debate surrounding Reg FD has continued, with critics contending that the rule would have the unintended consequence of reducing the overall flow of information about future earnings to the market.
a provider of a risk free online multi currency solution that enables businesses to sell in local currencies without currency risks, today announced that the Reg.
More than 60 percent of the total respondents said that operating under Reg FD has been more difficult than before FD.