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Schedule of appointments for long-term maintenance phase of dental therapy.
Synonym(s): patient recall interval.
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Reco offers services for towing, battery, flat tyre, gasoline, accident towing, mechanical first aid and lockout.
“And accordingly their use of social media channels are regulated by REBBA 2002 legislation and RECO advertising guidelines insofar as disclosure of a registered real estate professional's status is clearly indicated.”
Reco, another of the apps created by the students, helps users fight boredom by providing recommendations of the best places to go, new songs to listen to, and games to play.
The court served many notices to the PPP parliamentary leaders in different cases including Hajj Scandal, Rental Power Plant, Reco Diq Case, NICL Scandal and Bank of Punjab Scandal.
STEG will also be tasked, under the agreement signed on November 23, 2010 with the Rwanda Electricity Corporation (RECO), with achievement of the following lots: studies, supplies, equipment transportation, installation and operation.
On March 8, alongside the Massey Ferguson tractor range, the company will also be displaying an extensive range of grassland machinery of which they are dealers, including Vicon, Reco, Fella, Westmac-JF, McHale and Merlo material handlers.
Alexander, RECO Equipment, Cranberry Township, PA; Tom Duell, RECO Equipment, Richfield, OH; Chad Kline, Triad Machinery, Portland, OR; Duane Kelley, Triad Machinery, Tacoma, WA; and Darrel Mullins, Triad Machinery, Coburg, OR.
GUINNESS Book of Reco rds founder Norris McWhi rter has died aged 78 after suffering a heart attack .
Only after a country's grading system was recognized as being equivalent could certification agencies within that country apply to become an RECO. Canada was the first foreign country to receive equivalency recognition, Australia the second, and the United States the third.
Arguing that middle-class whiteness thrives on its invisibility -- on not being reco gnized as a cultural phenomenon -- Kenny suggests that what the media identify as aberrant, as well as what they choose not to represent, are the keys to identifying the unspoken assumptions that constitute middle-class whiteness as a cultural norm.
Taylor with a hat-trick, Burgess and Burlington with two, Bisacre one, Janghir, Mahmood and Iqbal for Reco.