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a specialist in hygiene.
dental hygienist a dental health specialist whose primary concern is nonsurgical periodontal therapy, maintenance of dental health, and prevention of oral disease. Patient education in proper brushing and interdental cleaning (such as with floss or a water jet) is also a major responsibility of the dental hygienist. In most states the dental hygienist must work under the general supervision of a licensed dentist.

The minimum education required for dental hygienist licensure is two academic years of college in an accredited dental hygiene program with an associate's degree and a certificate in dental hygiene. Dental hygiene is also offered in bachelor's and master's degree programs. The registered dental hygienist (RDH) must have successfully completed the written and practical examinations required by the state in which he or she wishes to practice.

Dental hygienists may be members of their professional organization, the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA), whose address is 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60611.


abbreviation for Registered Dental Hygienist.


Abbreviation for registered dental hygienist.
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Because of its open-top design, the MasterFire RDH alsoworks with all slide-mounted mini red dot sights and suppressor-height sights.
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RDH believes in nurturing the close-knit atmosphere, with activities like golf tournaments, where employees, owners, and key suppliers all vie for prizes, a trophy, and bragging rights.
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We will make the announcement as soon as the successful candidate has been appointed and we look forward to them achieving every success with RDH Global," Rosenthal concluded.
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