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Recurrent corneal erosion (RCE)

Repeated erosion of the cornea. May be a result of inadequate healing of a previous abrasion.
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As per the report, the RCE exploit can be abused instantly by a local attacker and also a remote attacker in some non-default configurations.
5 ( ANI ): The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the Revised Cost Estimates (RCE) of the scheme of Updation of National Register of Citizens (NRC), 1951 in Assam.
Although NVT received the contractual sum, the firm estimated they were still owed about PS344,000 from RCE and launched legal action.
RCE was performed in the first time of the management in patients with stroke, severe ACS, and acute priapism.
The ample use of the PL and RCE muscles is due to their easy approach and because when transferring only one of them, they do not leave a significant deficit at the donor site.
REH, which is a privately held retail energy provider, operates as Town Square Energy in eight Eastern states, serving the electricity needs of approximately 47,000 residential customer equivalents (RCEs).
View AR, UR, RCEs, Churn and much more in a simple and intuitive executive dashboard.
If there is a RCE patients may complain of sudden sharp pain, redness, watering and photophobia classically upon waking up during the night or in the morning.
Purpose: The current study was designed to examine the effects of Rhodiola crenulata root extract (RCE) on hepatic glucose production.
The third and final machine, the 1 kilometer (km) Reactive Co-evaporation (RCE) system, now is expected to be operational late in the third quarter of 2014.