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RCA is generally thought of as old PCC pavement, bridge structures/decks, sidewalks, curbs and gutters that are being removed from service.
The sentiment actually struck a chord with RCA chairman Brown, who, while pointing out that under the present constitution the RCA cannot leave the BHB, said he was looking to a governing authority that was
RCA is a publicly registered non-traded REIT focused on the acquisition of core retail properties, with an emphasis on multi-tenant power and lifestyle centers across the United States.
B) Export subsidies and other protectionist measures of governments may to an extent, distort RCA index hence there were some measures taken by the researcher to remove these biasness.
EPCA President Farhat Mahmood thanked RCA for visiting Dammam and congratulated RCA for their performance.
The bulk density of RCA is significantly lower than that of NCA (Hansen 1992; Juan, Gutierrez 2004), as evident from Table 1.
SAMPLE PREPARATION--Three levels of RCA, 2%, 3% and 4%, based on total resin solids, were used.
The study determined that Texas is "a large user of RCA materials," with private industry and municipalities consuming more than 60 percent of the RCA produced in the Lone Star State.
The RCA has not yet submitted a defence to the claim and, in a hearing before Mr Justice Cooke in the High Court yesterday, ATR alleged that the RCA was deliberately seeking to delay a hearing.
We went back to the original metal masters and vinyl test pressings and discovered that RCA was once affiliated with EMI in England and for 50 years RCA was sending five or 10 copies of their 78s across the Atlantic.
The money contributed by the company is held in a trust, half in a non-interest-bearing refundable tax account with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and half in an RCA trust account administered by a trustee.