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raw data

the information obtained by radio reception of a magnetic resonance signal as stored by a computer. Specific computer manipulation of the data is required to construct an image.

raw data

Unprocessed data from a clinical trial that is in its original form, in contrast to derived data. Raw data may not be part of the documentation accompanying an application to a regulatory authority, but must be kept in the researcher's files.

Records of original observations, measurements and activities—e.g., lab notes, evaluations, data recorded by instruments, researchers’ records of subjects/patients (such as patient medical charts, hospital records, X-rays, attending physician's notes, etc.).

raw data

The information obtained during an experiment, before the information has been analyzed or statistically manipulated.


plural of datum. A collection of information or facts. See also information.

data adjustment
for useful results data often need to be modified before analysis; for example for age, for sex or for difficulty or for number of attempts.
data analysis
submission of data to statistical analysis; includes sorting into categories and determining relationships between variables.
data capture
a mechanism for collecting specified segments or categories of data from a stream of automatically recorded data some of which may be irrelevant for the specific purpose.
categorical data
are qualitative and suited to classification into categories. Further divisible into nominal (names), ordinal (levels of quality, development), dichotomized (mutually exclusive).
continuous data
data which have an infinite number of possible values.
diagnostic data
lists of diagnoses and data of clinical signs, clinical pathology results and pathology lesions used in the making of diagnoses.
dimensional data
numerical or quantitative data. May be explicit and therefore continuous, or grouped into approximate groups, e.g. nearest whole number, i.e. discrete data.
discrete data
data that have finite (usually whole integer) value and therefore fall naturally into groups of similar values; opposite to continuous data.
incidence data
data related to the occurrence of specific disease incidents.
non-normal data
data whose frequency distribution is markedly different to that of normal data (see below).
normal data
data which manifests graphically as a bell-shaped curve distributed symmetrically about the peak value.
ordinal data
a type of data containing limited categories with a ranking from the lowest to the highest, e.g. very mild, moderate, severe.
paired data
see paired data.
passive data
data acquired from records collected for some other purpose.
pre-existing data
data in existence before the commencement of a study. Of limited value unless they are exactly the data required, have been collected adequately, and a group of pre-existing controls with their corresponding data can be identified.
prevalence data
disease occurrences are recorded against the size of the population at risk at the time.
raw data
data as they are collected and before any calculation, ordering, etc. has been done.
screening data
data obtained by periodic diagnostic testing of randomly selected samples of a population.
secondary data
the use of data for purposes other than that for which it was intended.
sentinel data
data collected from sentinel animals or other recording units.


in its natural state; uncooked; unaltered.

raw data
see raw data.
raw fiber
see fiber2.
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