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Miriam Olivi, Sales Manager of Frigosystem, supplier to UK distributor Intelicare, said: "Our range of Raca Plus Energy chillers set themselves well apart from other chillers having been developed for the heavy duty cycle requirements and precise temperature control of the plastics processing industry, unlike some chillers on the market today, which have evolved or been extended from chillers primarily developed for air conditioning applications where such duty cycles and temperature control are much less demanding.
I was in a state of ecstasy, I'd never been so happy in my life," recalls Mrs Raca .
Mais exatamente, a primeira raca esta para a segunda, do ponto de vista do 'valor', como a quarta esta para a terceira.
RACA is has become the benchmark for a culinary arts education in Jordan and the region by implementing the professional method of Swiss education and training.
Porem, a maior media foi do cruzamento RN, provavelmente pela maior contribuicao sangue Red Angus (5/8), raca britanica que apresenta maior marmoreio.
2000) obtiveram progenies de pimentao com alta frequencia de resistencia as racas 1 e 3 de M.
ensinar professores brancos que atuam em salas de ensino infantil sobre estratificacao racial e raca (SLEETER, 1999);
And for the past ten years there has been a Brazilian magazine called Raca or "race," and it has had an important impact on the way others perceive Afro-Brazilians and the way we feel about ourselves.
Josef Raca was held hostage for a week for a pounds 20,000 ransom after flying in to take part in what appeared to be a lucrative business deal.
Joseph Raca, 68, from Northamptonshire, had been lured by a letter offering him a large fee for helping to move huge amounts of money.
Jozef Raca, 68, a former Mayor of Northampton, had been held by a crime syndicate who phoned his wife to demand a pounds 20,000 ransom.