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A propellant used for aerosol sprays; has anesthetic and arrhythmogenic activity if inhaled in high concentration.
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[R.sub.insul-1] [R.sub.insul-1+air] Insulation Type R-19 4.0 11.909 13.136 R-19 5.0 13.489 14.716 R-19 6.0 14.889 16.116 R-16 3.5 10.601 11.828 R-16 4.5 12.131 13.358 R-16 5.0 12.816 14.043 R-13 2.5 8.450 9.677 R-13 3.5 10.093 11.320 R-13 4.0 10.803 12.030 R-11 2.0 7.227 8.454 R-11 3.0 8.910 10.137 R-11 3.5 9.614 10.841 R-10 1.5 6.043 7.270 R-10 2.5 7.861 9.088 R-10 3.0 8.592 9.819 Fiberglass Max Drape in.
Where there were differences in series of center-line measurements, the values which resulted in higher effective thermal performance for a given system (e.g., R-11, R-19, R-11+R-19 and R-19+R-19 between 2007 and 2008 data) were chosen to represent best practices (Table 2).
* A 1,000-ton steam turbine-driven R-11 unit was converted to handle HCFC-123.
"We are suspending both the sale of new HCFC-machines 123 and the retrofit of existing R-11 machines until we obtain more information on the safety of HCFC-123.
The Ombudsman stated thus for all intents and purposes, the transaction between IBC-13 and R-11 Builders Inc./Primestate Ventures Inc.
Cover the interior walls with R-11 minimum insulation and the exterior walls with R-19 minimum insulation.
The crawl space of both models is two feet high and conditioned, with 2-inch (5-cm) foam board providing R-11 (R-1.9 [m.sup.2]-K/W) insulation on the concrete bricks.
Some of them, such as R-11 operate at very low pressures and others, for example, carbon dioxide, run at much higher pressures, for the same boiling point.
Accordingly, the State Bank of Pakistan has amended Prudential Regulation R-8 for Corporate and Commercial Banking, Prudential Regulation R-11 for Small and Medium Enterprises Financing, and Prudential Regulation R-22 for Consumer Financing.
Some of the most common nonionic surfactants are X-77 (UAP), Induce (Helena), Activator 90 (UAP), Triton Ag 98 (Rhone-Poulenc) and R-11 (Wilfarm).
Shaw AFB, S.C., is home to an R-11 refueler, and Hickam AFB, Hawaii, has a dump truck.
They also put R-11 insulation against the outer walls.