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QUinapril On Vascular Ace and Determinants of Ischemia. A trial which examined whether 1 year of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition with quinapril (40 mg/day) would decrease ischemia in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting
Conclusion Treatment with quinapril significantly reduced clinical ischemic events after CABG: 15% in patients on placebo versus 4% of patients on quinapril (hazard ratio 0.23, 95% confidence interval 0.06 to 0.87, p = 0.02). Long-term quinapril treatment significantly reduced clinical ischemic events within 1 year after CABG, although ischemia at exercise testing and Holter monitoring was unchanged
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Thank you, Quo Vadis?, for making my dream come true in such a special way.
Set in ancient Rome during the reign of the emperor Nero, Quo Vadis? tells the story of the love that develops between a young Christian woman and a Roman officer who, after meeting her fellow Christians, converts to her religion.
He is a prominent character in Sienkiewicz 's novel Quo Vadis? See Agrippina; Britannicus.
In April, Clinical Chemistry launched a new feature called "Quo Vadis?" ("Where Are You Going?").
According to tradition, Peter fled Rome to avoid execution but saw Jesus in a vision and asked him, "Quo vadis?" Jesus responded that he was going to Rome, to be crucified again.
Sidnell, "Aesthetic Prejudice in Modern Drama" (15-28); Shannon Jackson, "Why Modern Plays Are Not Culture: Disciplinary Blind Spots" (29-47); Erika Fischer-Lichte, "Quo Vadis? Theatre Studies at the Crossroads" (48-66); Stanton B.
Sienkiewicz's other novels include the widely translated QUO VADIS? (1896), a historical novel set in Rome under Nero, which established Sienkiewicz's international reputation.
To extend these efforts, this journal will be launching a new feature called "Quo Vadis?" ("Where Are You Going?"), which is modeled after that of Science.
Thanks to our copious Armed Forces Comptroller staff for this issue's theme: Audit Quo Vadis?, the focus for this quarter's "What Are We Talking About?" What does "Quo Vadis?" really mean?
The most popular among Sienkiewicz's works is Quo Vadis?, a historical novel about first Christians in ancient Rome.