Orthopedics A fibrin sealant which ↓ bleeding during total knee and total hip replacement surgery. See Fibrin sealant.
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In 2009 Mr Belcuore agreed to take part in a clinical trial, but during the procedure Prof Richardson used a device known as a Quixil contrary to manufacturer Johnson and Johnson's guidelines.
It will hear that he used a Quixil Device, to which he had made significant modifications.
Shrewsbury Magistrates Court heard Quixil - an advanced surgical blood clotting agent - was used during the operation and was supplied to the hospital by pharmaceutical giants Johnson and Johnson.
The agreement grants Johnson & Johnson Wound Management exclusive distribution rights to QUIXIL Human Surgical Sealant in Europe.
Patricia West, aged 55, and Eileen Clarke, aged 31, both suffered fatal reactions after being given Quixil during surgery at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital, in Northfield.
An inquiry later found that Quixil had been used in the treatment of both Patricia West, 55, and Eileen Clarke, 31,
Product sales from biosurgery mainly represent sales of Evicel and Quixil, the Company's fibrin sealants, as well as initial sales of Evithrom, its thrombin product.
The license, granted in Israel following pivotal studies in Israel and the UK, indicates Quixil for the reduction of bleeding in total knee and total hip replacement surgery.
An EU license application is anticipated in mid '97, and the first marketing approval for Quixil in Israel, the country of manufacture, is expected very soon.
Cryo is a plasma fraction containing coagulation proteins and the raw material from which OMRIX manufactures BAC, the fibrinogen component of its marketed fibrin sealants, Evicel and Quixil, and Fibrin Patch product candidate.
These results are mainly attributable to an increase in unit sales of Evicel and Quixil, the Company's marketed fibrin sealant products, VIG sales in the amount of $6.