quinolinic acid

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quin·o·lin·ic ac·id

(kwin'ō-lin'ik as'id),
A catabolite of l-tryptophan and a precursor of NAD+.
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The hyperactivity of the enzymes subsequently increase the catabolism of tryptophan via the KP, which results in the production of neuro-active metabolites, of which quinolinic acid (QUIN) had the most detrimental effects [11].
The results also showed decreased quinolinic acid levels among a subset of patients who came back six months later, when their suicidal behavior had ended.
The use of adrenal medullary tissue implants in the brains of Parkinson's disease patients encouraged the Vanderbilt scientists to try similar implants in rats injected with quinolinic acid.
Glutamate is released upon overactivation of the kynurenine pathway by quinolinic acid (a glutamate receptor agonist) and is also implicated in depression.
Researchers examined glutamate activity by looking at the levels of quinolinic acid, which controls a chemical switch to make glutamate send more signals to nearby cells.
Contact: To read the article ("Mesenchymal stem cells induced to secrete neurotrophic factors attenuate quinolinic acid toxicity: A potential therapy for Huntington's disease," by Sadan et al.
The compound is related to another breakdown product of tryptophan known as quinolinic acid.
The enzymatic reactions of the Kyn pathway produce NAD and other intermediates, including Kyn and quinolinic acid (5, 9).
For example, one theory implicates quinolinic acid, a substance produced in the brain.