Quincke disease

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Quincke's oedema

(1) Angioedema. 
(2) Hereditary angio-neurotic oedema, see there.

Quin·cke dis·ease

(kving'kĕ di-zēz')
A well-localized edematous disorder that may variably involve the deeper skin layers and subcutaneous tissues as well as mucosal surfaces of the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts; occasionally accompanied by arthralgia, purpura, or fever.
Synonym(s): angioedema (2) , angioneurotic edema (2) .


Heinrich Irenaeus, German physician, 1842-1922.
Quincke capillary pulsation - Synonym(s): Quincke pulse
Quincke disease - Synonym(s): Quincke edema
Quincke edema - recurrent, large, circumscribed areas of subcutaneous edema of sudden onset, usually disappearing within 24 hours. Synonym(s): angioedema; Milton disease; Milton urticaria; Quincke disease; Quincke I syndrome
Quincke meningitis - intracranial hypertension of unknown origin.
Quincke needle
Quincke pulse - capillary pulsation, a sign of arteriolar dilation and especially well seen in severe aortic insufficiency. Synonym(s): Quincke capillary pulsation; Quincke sign
Quincke puncture - a puncture into the subarachnoid space of the lumbar region to obtain spinal fluid for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Synonym(s): lumbar puncture
Quincke sign - Synonym(s): Quincke pulse
Quincke spinal needle
Quincke I syndrome - Synonym(s): Quincke edema

Quin·cke dis·ease

(kving'kĕ di-zēz')
Disorder that may involve deeper skin layers and subcutaneous tissues as well as mucosal surfaces of upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts.
Synonym(s): angioedema (2) , angioneurotic edema (2) .