Heinrich I., German physician, 1842-1922. See: Quincke pulse, Quincke puncture, Quincke sign.
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Patients assigned to Group-S were administered spinal anesthesia by using 25 gauge Quincke needle at the level of L3, L4 space in sitting position using 1.
Spinal anaesthesia was administered in the L3-L4 interspinous space using a 27G Quincke needle.
Braun, Melsungen, Germany) was introduced using loss of resistance to air, and the duramater was punctured with a 27-gauge Quincke needle using the "needle-through-needle" technique.
Under strict aseptic precautions, skin was infiltrated with lidocaine 2% and lumbar puncture was performed in the sitting position with a 25-G Quincke spinal needle (Becton Dickinson, Madrid, Spain), using a midline approach at the [L.
1 Quincke first described the disorder "meningitis serosa" in 1893 in patients who had increased intracranial pressure without a brain tumour.
Quincke JA, Wortmann CS, Mamo M, Franti T, Drijber RA (2007) Occasional tillage of no-till systems: Carbon dioxide flux and changes in total and labile soil organic carbon.
75% hyperbaric bupivacaine was injected intrathecally in all patients at (L4-5 or L3-4 inter-space with the help of 23 guage Quincke spinal needle.
After prehydration, the fluid infusion was continued at minimal rate to maintain vein patency, regardless of any haemodynamic changes with the patient in the left lateral position, 2 mL of 5% hyperbaric lidocaine was injected intrathecally at L4-5 via a 27-gauge Quincke spinal needle.