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'quiet zone'

Lung pathology The terminal airways contribute little to the total airflow resistance–most resistance is contributed by bronchioles > 2 mm in diameter, thus although a disease process may begin in small airways, it may be clinically silent–ie, a 'quiet zone' until it affects the larger airways
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The obvious goal of creating a quiet zone is to make the area easier on the ears, but Edmond officials said they expect that it will also foster additional development near the track.
The lengthy process for establishing the Quiet Zone began in 2013 at the direction of city council during the development of its strategic plan.
There have been encouraging conversations within the United States recently about establishing a National Radio Dynamic Zone along with additional National Radio Quiet Zones. The Department of the Navy will continue to work with the National Science Foundation, the Federal Communications
This model is then employed in a near field Phase-Only Synthesis (POS) to improve the quiet zone generated by the reflectarray antenna.
In classic Eugene fashion, a few outspoken activists - largely from the Whiteaker neighborhood - oppose a quiet zone, ostensibly out of concern that an increase in their neighborhood's livability will be followed by rent increases and gentrification.
As one can imagine, the Quiet Zone restrictions pose some challenges for Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone (SKSRT; Riverton, UU.
Because of advances in absorber technology, a modern rectangular ETS FACT 10 EMC chamber with a 6-meter quiet zone measures 71.5 ft x 43.5 ft x 29.8 ft between shielded surfaces.
There is also a quiet zone containing personal charging facilities for laptops, iPads, mobile phones and consoles.
A survey by Airfarewatchdog.com found 53% of respondents would pay more for a quiet zone, while a survey by Expedia.com found 49% of respondents would pay extra for the sound of silence.
A seat in Scoot Airline's 'ScootinSilence' cabins costs GBP9 extra, whilst Air Asia passengers can reserve a 'Quiet Zone' seat for an additional charge of GBP8.30.
Melbourne, Aug 24 ( ANI ): Singapore-based low-cost long-haul airline Scoot has become the latest carrier to ban children from part of a plane, with passengers able to pay to upgrade to the quiet zone.