qui tam action

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qui tam ac·tion

(kwē tahm ak'shŭn)
A civil action brought by an informer (commonly known as a "whistle-blower"), usually against an employer, for activities alleged to be fraudulent or illegal.
[L. qui tam, who (sues on the part of the state) as well (as for himself)]
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Because the relator's interest in a qui tam action is a partial assignment, a contract with an ALF entity would effectuate a partial assignment of a partial assignment.
Private individuals including whistle-blowers, civic associations, or public interest groups can file a so-called qui tam action. Called relators, such plaintiffs may act alone or in concert with the government, and they stand to collect a substantial bounty up to 30% of the proceeds.
In contrast, a common-law qui tam action appears generally to have involved an "aggrieved party" for whom qui tam was a procedural device for gaining access to England's royal courts on grounds that the case involved a royal interest as well as a private interest.
(74) If the government decides to intervene in the qui tam action and ultimately reaches a cash settlement or prevails in court, the qui tam relator can receive up to one-fourth of the government's recovery as a reward for alerting the government to the false claims.
In a qui tam action an individual with knowledge of a fraud may bring a law suit on behalf of the State and share in the recoveries.
But after the company began settlement negotiations with the government and was "evidently satisfied that the qui tam action pending against it would likely be settled" and the government would look no further into its documents, the payments resumed in early 2005, according to the supplement.
In a case of particular interest to the military, on 8 July 2005, the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia denied a motion for summary judgment and allowed a case to proceed in a qui tam action against Custer Battles, LLC (Custer Battles).
Finally, "Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Action" is update twice a year and carries analysis of the Civil False Claims statute as well as: an historical overview; liability, damages and penalties under the False Claims Act; the Qui Tam provisions; practice and procedure; and state Civil False Claims Acts.
This decision is mainly focuses on Hansen's status as a legitimate plaintiff under the False Claims Act qui tam action, with exhaustive detailing of the case law that supports the judge's ultimate judgment for the Defendants.
On the latter point, the panel observed that the government may not freely dismiss a qui tam action. The relator could object to such an attempt, in which case the court must grant a hearing before deciding on whether to grant dismissal.
412 (1971) (commencing a qui tam action against a defendant corporation for depositing refuse in navigable waters).
Private individuals, frequently former employees, consultants, even competitors, can file a so-called qui tam action alone or in concert with the government, and they stand to collect a substantial bounty in the event the prosecution proves successful.