Quercus alba

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Quercus alba,

n See oak.
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This belt is populated with Quercus alba, Quercus velutina and Carya spp.
Species showing enhanced photosynthesis in marginal characters included Quercus alba, Q.
Pretreatment conditions: Pole-sized Quercus alba stands, Illinois; trees ranging from 35 to >100 yr old (see Minckler 1957).
Quercus alba (white oak) dominated the overstory with an IV of 88.
The likelihood of successful seedling establishment from Quercus alba and Q.
In vitro regeneration of the important North American oak species Quercus alba, Quercus bicolor and Quercus rubra.
Additionally, Quercus alba and Liriodendron tulipifera were planted in and around this area in 1922 (Lindsey et al.
Quercus alba (white oak), a dominant tree of mesic and wet-mesic forests in Illinois, is uncommon in the Illinois River sand deposits.
Quercus alba and related species, including Quercus prinus, Quercus lyrata, and Quercus michauxii of the Family Fagaceae
The tree layer of each of the four major vegetation types was dominated by Quercus alba, with Q.
The players in the usual binary tree-toss are Quercus alba, the American white oak, and two contenders from France: Quercus petraea, aka Sessile oak (apparently a reference to the fact that leaves are attached directly to stems, with no stalks), the predominant species in the Allier, Nevers and Troncais forests; and Quercus robur, or English oak, predominant in Limousin.