Queen Christina

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A body piercing located at the clitoral hood
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See also Rose Marie San Juan, "The Queen's Body and Its Slipping Mask: Contesting Portraits of Queen Christina of Sweden," in ReImagining Women: Representations of Women in Culture, ed.
Beginning about 1640 he was occasionally in Stockholm as poet in attendance at the court of Queen Christina, although his home was in Estonia until 1656, when he fled before the Russian invaders.
When Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-89), who briefly owned the Gonzaga Cameo, converted to Roman Catholicism she changed her name to Alexandra in homage to him.
In his classic study of the literature of art, Julius von Schlosser aptly called Giovan Pietro Bellori (1613-96) "the most important historiographer of art not only of Rome, but of all Italy, even of Europe, in the seventeenth century." Indeed, in addition to his well-known Le vite de' pittori, scultori et architetti moderni of 1672, in the course of his long career Bellori authored, coauthored, and edited more than twenty-five volumes, ranging in subject matter from ancient numismatics, gems, oil lamps, and relief sculpture to the frescoes of Raphael and Annibale Carracci; served Queen Christina as her antiquarian, librarian, and custodian of medals; and was named Superintendent of Antiquities by Pope Clement X.
Despite big hits from pop queen Christina Aguilera and rapper 50 Cent, Internet downloading and CD-burning continued to ravage the industry, dragging music sales down to pounds 7.65 billion in the first half of this year, a leading industry body said.
But American pop queen Christina Aguilera - famed for her outrageous outfits - was missing from the parade of stars.
Pic's strongest moments are when it moves into more daring terrain, such as bleached-out flashbacks of Anita as a star-struck child, a beautifully rendered animated dream sequence and, most strikingly, an all-too-brief digital re-creation of a scene from "Queen Christina," featuring Sarda as Garbo.
POP queen Christina Aguilera and lover Jorge Santos escaped the pressures of her American tour by checking into their new Los Angeles love-nest.
In the title role of 1933's Queen Christina, Greta Garbo poses as a man and flees her palace to dodge a political marriage.
Once owned by Queen Christina of Sweden, who believed it represented Alexander the Great and his mother, Olympias, the cameo was presented by Plus VI to Napoleon for Josephine, who gave it to Tsar Alexander in 1814.
Frederick Hammond provides a close reading of the festivities staged at Palazzo Barberini in 1656 to politically "spin" the arrival of Queen Christina of Sweden, the papacy's most coveted convert to Catholicism; Eduard A.