Queen Christina

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A body piercing located at the clitoral hood
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1) She wrote lyric poetry, one collection of which is dedicated to Sappho, Der Gottin Eigenthum (1901), and a long narrative poem, Grafin Ebba (1877), about Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-89).
Besides raising Breen's hackles, the case of Queen Christina high lighted the design flaws in the Code's mechanism.
Godiwala first analyses identity politics in Queen Christina applying Helene Cixous' argument on the category of woman-as-queer, endorsing an 'other bisexuality' which is multiple, variable and ever changing.
Pop queen Christina Aguilera makes her Toon debut next week.
In the 17th century, Queen Christina of Sweden used a miniature cannon
Samuel Peyps ordering 1,000 masts of Baltic timber for the Royal Navy, Sweden's Queen Christina luring her tutor, Rene Descartes, to a freezing death and Nelson holding his spyglass to his blind eye at the Battle of Copenhagen--every major European figure seems to have had a Baltic moment.
Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Susan B.
According to that book, Scavullo fell in love with Garbo when he saw her on screen as Queen Christina, and Beauty subsequently became his raison d'etre.
Directed by Colin Nutley, the film provides an inward look into the personalities of ten female actresses hoping to land the lead role in a remake of Queen Christina that starred non-other than the famous Swedish actress Greta Garbo.
This was even the case for events where women played important political roles, such as the Peace of Westphalia, signed in October of 1648, which was brought about in part through the initiative of Queen Christina of Sweden.
Frequently, The Dreamers quotes directly from classic films, inserting relevant clips from City Lights, Top Hat and Queen Christina into the drama.
TEEN queen Christina Aguilera is facing a legal battle over her rise to fame and fortune.