Queckenstedt, Hans

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Hans, German physician, 1876-1918.
Queckenstedt maneuver - Synonym(s): Queckenstedt-Stookey test
Queckenstedt phenomenon - Synonym(s): Queckenstedt-Stookey test
Queckenstedt sign - Synonym(s): Queckenstedt-Stookey test
Queckenstedt test - Synonym(s): Queckenstedt-Stookey test
Queckenstedt-Stookey test - when there is a block of subarachnoid channels, compression of the jugular vein causes little or no increase of pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid. Synonym(s): Queckenstedt maneuver; Queckenstedt phenomenon; Queckenstedt sign; Queckenstedt test;
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We treated her with intravenous mannitol immediately, and the intracranial pressure dropped to 18 cmH [sub]2 O, the Queckenstedt test was negative, CSF examination revealed a WBC count of 16/mm [sup]3 and normal glucose and protein levels, while the cryptococcal antigen test was positive.
Notably, MRV revealed venous sinus dysplasia, possibly indicating left transverse sinus thrombosis; however, a normal Queckenstedt test and D-Dimer level ruled out sinus thrombosis.