Hans, German neurophysiologist, 1876-1918. See: Queckenstedt-Stookey test.
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(14-15) I was able to quickly and significantly worsen her migraine, from 4 to 8 on the numeric rating scale (NRS), and perceived ICP as well as facial discoloration within 7 sec of manual compression of the IJVs (Queckenstedt's maneuver).
Wang, "Queckenstedt's test affects more than jugular venous congestion in rat," PLoS ONE, vol.
We treated her with intravenous mannitol immediately, and the intracranial pressure dropped to 18 cmH [sub]2 O, the Queckenstedt test was negative, CSF examination revealed a WBC count of 16/mm [sup]3 and normal glucose and protein levels, while the cryptococcal antigen test was positive.
Notably, MRV revealed venous sinus dysplasia, possibly indicating left transverse sinus thrombosis; however, a normal Queckenstedt test and D-Dimer level ruled out sinus thrombosis.
Tambien se realizo el test de Queckenstedt [8, 22] haciendo presion sobre las venas yugulares y midiendo con un manometro Kendall Curity[R], la presion del liquido cefalo raquideo (LCR) a nivel de la region lumbo-sacra.