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fictional character in the novel
Quasimodo complex - personality disorder in which there is abnormal concern about a defect in one's physical appearance.
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Culture diverse tra loro sono sorte navigando le stesse acque; altre sono nate dalla commistione delle prime, altre dallo scontro, altre ancora dall'esaurimento di quelle, come ben sapeva Salvatore Quasimodo.
Parnell actually attended the New York premiere of the Disney film some 19 years ago because Tom Hulce, who voiced Quasimodo, is one of his "oldest and dearest friends.
In contrast, Colm O'Reilly as Quasimodo wore a frayed cassock and hunched in his chair with his face hidden in a full mask.
BACK TO LIFE: Pip Utton brings Quasimodo and Charles Dickens to the Teesside stage
We isolated the quasimodo gene in a genetic screen for novel timing genes, and found that the amount of QSM protein drastically increased in response to light.
The dynamic between Sotileza and one character, Muergo, is similar to the one between Esmeralda and Quasimodo.
He had more bumps than Quasimodo with mumps and would surely have won well given anything like a clear run.
29 -- Sri Lanka to participate as the Guest-of-Honour in the forthcoming Quasimodo Fair 2011.
Quinn, after all, had played the hunchback Quasimodo -- assumed till now, to be created entirely out of Hugo's imagination -- in the 1956 French film, directed by Jean Delannoy.
Quasimodo does, however, get the opera's single hit--the jaunty, if forgettable, "Air des cloches" in Act IV, sung here with buoyancy and lyric beauty by Canadian tenor Frederic Antoun.
Quasimodo dies, and the Archbishop of Paris advertises for a new bellringer for Notre Dame Cathedral.
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