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fictional character in the novel
Quasimodo complex - personality disorder in which there is abnormal concern about a defect in one's physical appearance.
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Beethoven says that he and Quasimodo "attempted to bring into being" (45) the sound that Chekhov called for in Act II of his last play The Cherry Orchard, but avows that he cannot recall the stage direction.
We isolated the quasimodo gene in a genetic screen for novel timing genes, and found that the amount of QSM protein drastically increased in response to light.
She has five suitors: Claude Frollo, a lustful archdeacon; Pierre, a poet; Jehan, a villainous priest; Phoebus, a nobleman; and Quasimodo, a hunchback bellringer.
A chance discovery in a Cornwall house seems to have revealed the real inspiration behind Quasimodo to be a French government sculptor, known only as M.
When Quasimodo came out, they said, "Who was this man?
My personal highlight has to be footage of Liz walking like Quasimodo during an early horror movie, after apparently insisting on wearing killer-heels for every scene.
The Company will use the conserved cash and income from McGinnis to expedite the renovation of the 20,000 square-foot Quasimodo restaurant, bistro and jazz club, virtually guaranteeing that the facility will open three months ahead of schedule.
Quasimodo is a poor creature whose outer ugliness frightens children and invites all sorts of cruelty.
That will come as a huge relief for the likes of Peter Beardsley, Quasimodo, Marilyn Manson and the bloke who played Jaws in Moonraker, who all must have been expecting a knock at the door.
Mondo's tally includes stories like Pocahantas and Quasimodo, religious tales involving King David and Jesus and the legends of the ancient Greek heroes Hercules and Ulysses.
Quasimodo was a more lovable, less monstrous creature than in previous versions of this story.
Ignoring orders, Quasimodo wanders out into the streets where he falls in love with a beautiful woman named Esmerelda and becomes friends with Phoebus, Captain of the King's Guards.