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fictional character in the novel
Quasimodo complex - personality disorder in which there is abnormal concern about a defect in one's physical appearance.
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Addressing stories that suggested his good looks made him a surprising choice to play Quasimodo, Elba said: "I didn't really think about that.
"Because I was like, 'You cannot turn into Quasimodo for this guy.
Keywords: Salvatore Quasimodo, poesia del Novecento, Grecia, Sicilia, "spatial turn".
!Emilio, cual no seria mi asombro al ver que la figura que aparecio ante nuestra vista era la del mismo Quasimodo! Las personas que me acompanaban creyeron, como yo, que su fantasia los habia enganado, y nos miramos mutuamente ...
Victor Hugo's 1831 novel, more than the various film versions, served as his jumping-off point for telling the story of bell tower-dwelling Quasimodo and his unrequited love for Esmerelda, who in turn finds herself the object of obsession to Claude Frollo, the cathedral's archdeacon.
But while the conflicting voices in Tedium are heard through the account of a single unnamed speaker, The Hunchback Variations presents iterations of a panel discussion between two speakers identified respectively as Ludwig van Beethoven and Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, the latter who expresses the silent response to profound failure which I have just quoted.
Following that, the stories vary, but it seems most likely that these friends of Quasimodo made their way to a Southbridge company's storage facility.
Who was Quasimodo's love interest in The Hunchback Of Notre LAST WEEK'S WINNERS: 10-minute No 3539 Winner - Mrs B McCormack, Solihull Cryptic No 1279 Winner Mr S Adams, Walmley
Or even Quasimodo Sunday for that was when the famous bell ringer was found in Notre Dame Cathedral (according to Victor Hugo).
Victor Hugo's classic Beauty And The Beast story is told through the words of the hunchback, Quasimodo.
* Mum Ceri with her daughters Ellora and Tegan * Ceri Goodwin as Esmeralda, with her co stars Matthew Mearns (Captain Phoebus) and Michael Bennett (Quasimodo)
corpse that looks just like the late Quasimodo (4 6)