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1. One fourth of a mile; two furlongs.
2. Either side of a horse's hoof.
3. often Quarter A specific district or section, as of a city: the French Quarter.


1. hindquarter.
2. lateral or medial sides of the wall of the hoof of the horse.
3. one of the four individual glands in the udder of a cow.

black quarter
blind quarter
a quarter in the udder of a lactating cow that does not produce any milk when the other quarters are doing so. Caused usually by a prior attack of mastitis.
quarter crack
crack in the lateral or medial wall of the hoof, beginning at the coronet. Usually cause no lameness.
Enlarge picture
Quarter horse. By permission from Sambraus HH, Livestock Breeds, Mosby, 1992
hoof quarter
side of the hoof.
quarter infection rate
percentage of udder quarters at risk in a herd found to be infected with mastitis-causing bacteria by bacteriological examination of quarter samples of milk. May be as low as 10% in herds utilizing a full mastitis control program. See also mastitis infection rate.
quarter marks
designs made in the haircoat of a horse by grooming the hair in a direction the reverse of its normal growth pattern.
quarter sheet
an item of horse clothing; a lightweight half blanket covering the horse from the girth to the tail.

Patient discussion about quarter

Q. What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine? True story: What would you do if a friend showed up to your house and pulled out a quarter pound of cocaine, and a bunch of other narcotics all bagged up individually, and then asked if you wanted the first go at them?

A. First of all, I'd probably go ‘Hey, what do you think you are DOING with all that! And why the hell are you at my house with this load of rubbish?? But then I'd probably calm down a bit, and we'd go round to the police station, just round the corner from my place and hand it in. I have a lot more conscience now than I used to and there is no way I am going to encourage a situation like this!

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Recentemente, a partir de 2007, iniciou-se uma quarta fase na evolucao do modelo de sourcing, quando a EDUCACAO passou a contratar outros fornecedores, ou seja, deixou de ter um unico e exclusivo fornecedor.
3] na seiva do peciolo e N na materia seca) da quarta folha e folha velha de batata-semente basica sao influenciados por dose de N e material de propagacao.
Few in the Square Mile think that the company Quarta leaves behind will grow as fast as it has since his start date seven years ago.
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