quantum yield

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quan·tum yield (φ),

the number of molecules transformed (for example, via a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
Synonym(s): quantum efficiency

quan·tum yield

(φ) (kwahn'tŭm yēld)
The number of molecules transformed (e.g., through a reaction) per quantum of light absorbed; the inverse of the quantum requirement.
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Initial fluorescence--[F.sub.0] (A); maximum fluorescence--[F.sub.m] (B); variable fluorescence--[F.sub.v] (C); quantum efficiency of photosystem II--[F.sub.v]/[F.sub.m] (D)
The quantum efficiency of emission at 1820 nm is 58.2%, 63.4%, 63.7%, 69.8%, 80.3% for 3 at.% Tm, x at.% Y (x = 0,0.5,1,2,3), respectively.
The device exhibits high values of responsivity, quantum efficiency, and photocurrent gain which are higher than the values reported in the review.
However, the drawback of this device is the dark count, which was 2.0 x [10.sup.4] cps at the highest quantum efficiency.
Our proposed mechanism may support for the observed high internal quantum efficiency in the InGaN/GaN blue LED structure with a high dislocation density.
Moreover, the apparent quantum efficiency (AQE) of 5wt% MWCNT-Ti[O.sub.2] upon incident monochromatic light is also investigated.
Ke et al., "Study of the excitation power dependent internal quantum efficiency in InGaN/GaN LEDs grown on patterned sapphire substrate," IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, vol.
The evolution of the extent of mixing in the latex film as it anneals can then be approximately calculated as the increase in the quantum efficiency of energy transfer, normalized with the values obtained for the film before annealing ([t.sub.diff] = 0) and for the fully mixed film ([t.sub.diff] = [infinity]) (28):
These derived products (EV76C660) have been further enhanced for improved Quantum Efficiency both in the visible range and also in the NIR.
The flat panel detector has a cesium iodide scintillator with a detector quantum efficiency level for high-quality images acquired with reduced x-ray dose exposure.
The p-n junction is critical in determining the device's internal quantum efficiency (IQE), and the substrate is important because it should match the lattice constant of the semiconductor.
Our new custom back side thinning capability enables the highest quantum efficiency. DALSA also has the ability to tailor the bands capture to the needs of the application and provide solutions on a cost effective and timely basis.

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