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Plural of quantum.
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(kwont′ŭm) (′ă) plural.quanta [L., quantum, how much; quanta, how many]
1. A definite amount.
2. A minimal or indivisable unit of matter or energy.
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Both the asphalt sealer and backfill were developed for Quanta Services by SuperGrout Products.
Quanta Services is a specialised contracting services company, delivering infrastructure solutions for the electric power and natural gas and pipeline industries.
"Quanta Services' microtrench solution is the first in the marketplace that cleanly cuts and vacuums a sub-inch-wide, 12-inch deep trench in one pass for installing conduit for fiber cable," said Ken Trawick, president of telecommunications and cable television operations.
Michal Conaway, who each bring industry experience and business insight to their new positions on the Quanta board." (713) 629-7600, quantaservices.com