quality indicators

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qual·i·ty in·di·ca·tors

(kwahl'i-tē in'di-kā-tŏrz)
Criteria, standards, and other measures to assess the quality of health care.
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Kuwait is the only GCC country where the asset quality indicators for rated banks have improved.
To explore the perception of university students' about the preferred information quality indicators of Pakistani e-government websites, a questionnaire developed by Kandari et.al (2011) was adopted after minor changes to fit the local context.
In addition, the Dutch magazine Elsevier published quality indicators for specific specialisms, including ophthalmology.
As inclusion criteria for full-text review and data abstraction, the following terms were used: (1) published in English or Dutch and (2) reporting quality indicators of an IMCU or of an ICU with IMCU.
Structure quality indicators are defined by AHRQ (2017a) as features of "a healthcare organization or clinicians related to the capacity to provide high quality health care" (p.
Streams or lakes included on the 303(d) list are in violation of one or more water quality standards and are considered to be negatively impacted due to the input of pollutants or other water quality indicators. According to the 2002 303(d) list from TDEC's website (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, n.d.), the SFFD has been continuously on the 303(d) list since 2002.
Quality improvement implementation and hospital performance on quality indicators. Health Serv Res.
The main objective of the study was to analyse the impact of quality indicators in the performance of the serology laboratory.
According to the BSP - "the latest loan quality indicators reflect the (big banks) continued adherence to high credit standards."
These regulatory processes have minimal mandated staffing levels and skill mix and do not require the surveillance of specific quality indicators. In 2005, the New Zealand government published recommended staffing levels and quality indicators for rest homes and continuing care hospitals.
Measuring the Quality of Evidence-Based Nursing Care: NQuIRE--Nursing Quality Indicators for Reporting and Evaluation Data-System
But as with the learner support, standards that define quality indicators for learning analytics tools are missing.

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