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Etymology: L, qualis
pertaining to a health professional or health facility that is formally recognized by an appropriate agency or organization as meeting certain standards of performance related to the professional competence of an individual or the eligibility of an institution to participate in an approved health care program.


adj having the required ability; fitted; entitled.
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Up to 20 new qualifications will replace more than 240 existing ones in the biggest changes ever seen in the sector, one of the biggest employers in Wales.
The new qualifications will be introduced with the full support of our partners, who have a wealth of knowledge about the needs of employers, and the people they provide care for.
It will help in establishing the national standards of qualifications as well as provide a basis for comparison of qualifications at national as well as international levels.
This came as the National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training (QQA) in a workshop on the "Saudi Framework for Qualifications", organised by the Public Education Evaluation Commission in Saudi Arabia with the participation of 100 representatives of 22 National Qualification Frameworks from Saudi Arabia, and other countries, including UAE, Australia, Scotland and Croatia.
The bulk of the book lists specific qualifications awarded by universities (in alphabetical order by university), as well as admission to degree courses, degree structure, and categories of degrees available, as well as qualifications awarded by professional, trade, and specialist associations, including certificates, diplomas, National Vocational Qualifications, and Scottish Vocational Qualifications.
The eleven new qualifications have all been accredited by the qualifications regulator Ofqual in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and can be delivered by employers, private training providers, schools, colleges and prisons using learning materials provided by the British Safety Council.
The new guide provides detailed information about the architecture of qualifications in the UAE and also defines the requirements that will enable comparison of UAE qualifications to foreign qualifications.
Vocational qualifications have never been more important to the economy and the individual.
But review chair Huw Evans, former principal of Llandrillo College in North Wales, said: "We decided against throwing them out because the evidence suggested these were brands that were respected and young people in Wales wanted qualifications that could be portable to other parts of the UK.
VQ Day was established in 2008 to celebrate vocational qualifications.
Carole Kitching, Newcastle College's deputy principal said: "Students taking conventional academic qualifications such as GCSEs and A-levels always receive a great deal of public recognition, which is only right, but many taking vocational qualifications whose achievements are just as great, often don't receive that same appreciation.
The theme of qualifications frameworks and their relation to quality assurance is gaining urgency in the European scene as more and more countries are completing their national qualifications frameworks and quality assurance agencies need to take important decisions on how to implement them.

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