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The oscillation of a controlled variable, such as the temperature of a thermostat, around its set point. See: hunting reaction.
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OUTLOOK: Over 90 percent of Tennessee is privately owned, which means that if you want to have a good day quail hunting, you might want to knock on a few doors, or maybe sign a lease.
"While There Were Still Wild Birds" explores the character and meaning of Southern quail hunting in a particular setting.
"If somebody asked me right now where they could go next season for some good quail hunting, I'd have to call around to the WMAs (wildlife management areas) because I have not a clue," Woods said.
Their fate had been left in other people's hands, McGinley because he missed the halfway cut and Olazabal because he chose to go quail hunting instead.
GOLF: Jose Maria Olazabal (right) plans to go quail hunting with a 12-bore shotgun in the hills near Toledo this weekend while his Ryder Cup fate is being decided in Munich.
Without proper management and protection, quail hunting opportunities just will not be there for the next generation."
FORGET the days when tweed was seen as an old-fashioned stuffy fabric sported by well-to-doEnglish country folk engaging in a spot of quail hunting. With super-hip stars likeMadonna and Sex And The City's Sarah Jessica Parker spearheading a tweed revolution, this elegant and romantic 1940s- inspired look is now the mark of a truly cool lady.
On a quail hunting trip in Oklahoma with his brother Bud Walton, Sam talked seriously about taking the company public.
Caught up in the hunt, McDermott soon experiences one of the most thrilling sights in quail hunting: a dog on point.
I'm not a hunter but I enjoy quail hunting, I'm not a golfer but I enjoy golfing, and I'm not a fisherman but I enjoy fishing," explained Sturgis.