quadratus lumborum muscle

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quadratus lumborum

An abdominal muscle located at the iliac crest, iliolumbar ligaments, transverse processes of lower lumbar vertebrae.

Abduction of trunk.
Ventral branches of upper lumbar spinal nerves.

12th rib, transverse processes of upper lumbar vertebrae.
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quad·ra·tus lum·bo·rum mus·cle

(kwah-drā'tŭs lŭm-bō'rŭm mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, iliac crest, iliolumbar ligament, and transverse processes of lower lumbar vertebrae; insertion, twelfth rib and transverse processes of upper lumbar vertebrae; action, abducts trunk; nerve supply, ventral primary rami of upper lumbar spinal nerves.
Synonym(s): musculus quadratus lumborum [TA] .
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After the external oblique, internal oblique, and transversus abdominis muscles were seen, the probe was moved to the posterior and the quadratus lumborum muscle was observed.
The block, which can be applied in four different ways to the quadratus lumborum muscle, namely, laterally, posteriorly, anteriorly and intramuscularly, has been administered laterally for the first time by Blanco et al.
QL: quadratus lumborum muscle, PM: psoas major muscle, and gray line: transversalis fascia.
Low back pain is most often associated with quadratus lumborum muscle Trigger Points (TPs), often with an accompanying lumbar multifidi and superficial paraspinal muscle TPs.
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When she puts her leg on the barre, she keeps it no higher than 90 degrees and adds in a side cambre to get at her quadratus lumborum muscle in her lower back which sometimes gets tight.
The lesion also involved the right quadratus lumborum muscle and the right erector spinae muscle [Figure 1]b.
Hypertonicity was also noted within the right quadratus lumborum muscle. The Straight Leg Raise test (6) (at approximately 30[degrees] of hip flexion) and the Yeoman's test each elicited pain and paraesthesia down the patient's right leg, while the Well Leg Raise, Double Leg Raise, Nachlas', and Hibb's tests were negative.
[1] However, in a mathematical model used to estimate lumbar spinal stresses during quadratus lumborum muscle asymmetry, it was suggested that quadratus lumborum muscle asymmetry only causes small stresses and it may even help to reduce stress on the lumbar spine.
This can be accomplished by hiking the contralateral hip by contracting the quadratus lumborum muscle. Also, if the patient flexes the knee, plantar flexes the ankle against no resistance, and then extends the knee, the pedal can be pressed without active plantar flexion.
Furthermore the iliolumbar ligament is closely associated with the lower attachments of the anterior and middle layers of the thoracolumbar fascia and the quadratus lumborum muscle (Bogduk 1997; Frazer 1940; Fujiwara et al., 2000; Pool-Goudzwaard et al., 2001; Shellshear and Macintosh 1949; Williams et al., 1995).
(11,13) The lateral arcuate ligament of the diaphragm has a similar attachment with the quadratus lumborum muscle. (11,13) These muscles play an important role in the segmental stabilization of the lumbar spine.