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A capsule or tablet of the illicit drug methaqualone.
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An addictive Schedule-II hypnotic-sedative quinazolone with barbiturate-like effects which, when it was legal, was used to reduce anxiety and tension. It was a popular drug of abuse, and it was linked to physical or psychologic dependence.

Clinical findings
Delirium, headache, nausea, pyramidal signs, convulsions, renal and cardiac failure; rarely, aplastic anaemia.
Oral, injected, sniffed, smoked.
Management of overdose

Toxic range
> 8 µg/mL, serum; > 300 µg/L, urine.
20–60 hours.
Serum, random urine.
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Methaqualone, see there.
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Female gang members reported also using cocaine, crack, LSD, PCP, methamphetamine, heroin, glue/inhalants, MDMA, and quaaludes. Although polydrug use was relatively common, the extent to which other drugs were used varied by ethnicity.
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The only other drugs showing continued declines this year are LSD and methequalone, also known as Quaalude. Both drugs are used by a small minority of students.
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Polanski was accused of plying a 13-year-old girl with champagne and part of a Quaalude during a modeling shoot in 1977 and raping her.