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Quality Safety and Standards (Committee)
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In other investigations [2] the QSS method has been compared to an OC solution, obtaining a lap time with an error within 3% of the OC solution and reducing the computing time from several hours to a few minutes, displaying its effectiveness.
When the model is operating within the QSS regime, the tuners, [DELTA][eta], provide adjustments to the model to refect the natural deterioration of the engine over a long period of time.
to indicate the level of certification regarding overall competence in QSS (1 = none; 2 = green belt; 3 = black belt; 4 = master black belt).
Os valores de descarga solida em suspensao (Qss) foram determinados pelo somatorio do produto entre a concentracao de sedimento suspenso (Css) e a respectiva descarga liquida (Q1) de cada vertical, utilizando-se a equacao proposta por Carvalho et al.
No canal principal do Araguaia, montante da foz do rio Crixas-Acu a carga de sedimentos em suspensao, para uma vazao de 2493,561 [m.sup.3]/s e concentracao media de sedimentos em suspensao de 61,68 mg/l, foi de Qss = 13.288.565 toneladas por dia.
Developed by Mrityunjay Singh and Tarah Shpargel of QSS Group, Inc., along with researchers from NASA Glenn Research Center, both of Cleveland, Ohio, the Glenn Refractory Adhesive for Bonding and Exterior Repair (GRABER) can be cured with orbital sun heat and has excellent plasma performance under reentry conditions.
(The wall bracket will not allow banana plugs to be used with the 5-way posts, however.) If one does not want to mount the systems on the wails Axiom offers three-foot tall, QSS stands ($67.50 each) that get the systems to ear level and also allow the bottom-mounted mid-woofer to radiate as freely as the upward-facing one.
In the exhibit hall, more than 30 vendors will showcase the latest IT products and services available on ASCP contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements, including the newest Information Technology Enterprise Solutions awards and products from CA, CDW-G, Dell, DLT, EMC, Gateway, GovConnection, GTSI, HP, ID, IBM, iGov, Immix, Insight, Lexmark, Lockheed, MPC, Mythics, Softchoice, Panasonic, PlanetGov, Structurewise, QSS, Sybase, Xerox and more.