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Whether it's providing cutting-edge equipment to help fight cancer, funding world-class research, or putting on pizza nights for young cancer patients, QEHB Charity works to go over and above to make hospital the best experience that it can be.
The statement, issued by the NHS Trust which runs the QEHB, added: "The hospital extends its sympathies to the family.
"I was fighting for mine and my daughter's life at the scene of the attack, in the helicopter and at QEHB for seven hours before being transferred to the critical care unit.
Yousafzai, 15, is being treated at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEHB) after being attacked by the Pakistan Taliban in October this year.
This announcement has been made on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), whose nursing staff caring for the fast recuperating Malala has also expressed satisfaction at the pace of recovery for the seriously wounded patient.
Sophie Carroll, senior fundraiser for QEHB Charity, says: "On behalf of the charity I would like to say a huge thank-you to Naomi for taking part in this event.
"I count myself very lucky that I've had the chance to watch my children grow up and now I'm even at QEHB once a month, delivering counselling to people who are in the position I was in.
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB) which runs the Queens Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB), Birmingham Chest Clinic, Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Solihull Hospital (collectively known as HGS ) and various community services across the region is to select a suitably qualified and experienced strategic partner to support their unified communications and data networks at each layer of the network.
Inspired by Joe's father, Malcolm Chapman, who, after almost a decade of life saving surgery is now facing a second battle with cancer, the boys will undergo the extreme challenge to help QEHB Charity support cancer patients at the QE Hospital, where Joe's father is receiving treatment.
A total of PS9,982.13 has so far been donated to a dedicated fund within the QEHB Charity, which was set up soon after Malala arrived in Birmingham on October 15.
A hospital spokesman said that the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity (QEHB Charity) has set up an account within the main hospital fund to support Malala and it had not extended support to any organisation or individual outside.
Justine Davy, head of fundraising at QEHB Charity, said: "The Organ Care System has the potential to allow surgeons to carry out up to 50 per cent more heart transplants every year.