Queen's Counsel

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Queen’s Counsel

A lawyer in the UK who is appointed by “letters patent” to be one of “Her/His Majesty’s Counsel learned in the law”. The post requires at least 15 years of experience as a solicitor advocate, barrister or advocate (Scotland); awarding of the job is termed “taking the silk”, as QCs wear silk robes.

As of 2004, all QC appointees have been chosen by a 9-member non-governmental panel, which includes 4 lay persons and 5 from the legal profession (2 solicitors, 2 barristers, 1 retired judge). QCs are of interest in UK medical practice as they may be brought in to defend or prosecute doctors in General Medical Council (GMC) Fitness to Practise hearings and other legal proceedings.
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He said the QCS was estimated to cost PS1.6bn over 10 years yet there would only be a surplus of PS2.7m at the end of 10 years.
But Nexus says the QCS will in fact save councils money and that the plan it has put forward is financially sound.
The outcome of the hearing could be influential as a number of other transport authorities hope to introduce a QCS pending the final decision in the case.
* Recommend the requisite factors indispensable for QCs' effectiveness and suggest necessary steps for sample PSUs and PSEs to develop the QCs and QC movement further.
South Florida easily led the state in QCs in 2012, with 4,686--up from the 4,349 reported in 2011 and 3,033 in 2010.
It is important to consider that there is much evidence that is critical of QCs. Cole[5] noticed falling morale in Toyota's QCs, due to increasing physical and mental strains on QC members.
As noted above, although most categories of QCs saw increases in the third quarter, only one, the commercial category, posted a decrease.
The most frequently used referral reasons for these QCs were questionable vehicle theft and faked/exaggerated injury followed by fictitious loss, prior loss/ damage, and faked damage.
Other barristers from Birmingham, including Mark Anderson and David Mason from No5 Chambers, have also been made QCs.
* To use this QCs' effectiveness model to develop a questionnaire and conduct a survey among some sample industrial enterprises in WB.
The line that gets the least amount of QCs is commercial property, with 406 in 2012.
A spokesman said: 'Indeed it could even encourage some QCs to rest on their laurels.'