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Quality assessment team. A UK group of health professionals and administrators which oversees a service commissioned by a primary care trust (PCT) and implemented by a hospital trust.

Quality Assessment Team roles (e.g., cervical screening programme)
• Monitor outcomes;
• Visit site regularly to monitor process;
• Report to the regional Department of Public Health;
• Route to performance management by the Strategic Health Authority;
• Point of contact for national screening.


, kat, qat (kot) [Arabic qāt]
A plant (Catha edulis) found in east Africa and the Arabian peninsula whose leaves are chewed for their stimulant properties.

The leaves contain norpseudoephedrine (a drug with amphetamine-like properties that can cause anxiety, insomnia, and, occasionally, psychosis).

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More than that, it continues to be commonplace to see soldiers in uniform in qat markets--after leaving their post while on duty--despite Al-Alimi's decisions banning military and security personnel from entering qat markets with their military uniforms on.
In the past years, the internet has gained in importance for activists in fighting qat, in creating awareness on the ills of this drug, and in networking with like-minded people from around the globe through Twitter or Facebook.
When in January 2001 the head of a United Nations agency paid a visit to Yemen and eagerly asked the president about progress in preparing for the conference, Saleh declared rather undiplomatically and in sharp words that qat was solely a Yemeni concern and "not a problem.
Based on this decree, the Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation called for a second National Conference on Qat in 2008 and summoned the secretariat members of the First National Conference on Qat to submit ideas and hold a preparatory workshop.
Qat and henna were the only crops for which neither figures on production area nor on yields were provided.
Much of Yemen's scarce agricultural land and water supply is devoted to qat production, and many families in the impoverished nation report spending over half their income on the narcotic.
Mohammad Al-Ghubari, former secretary general of the Autma reserve, describes the increase in qat cultivation as the single biggest threat to the reserve's stability and preservation.
The qat was packed in nylon bags and covered with aluminum foil.
The Observatory, which based its report on witness accounts of the killing, said Qat, who was a street vendor selling coffee in the working-class Shr neighbourhood, had been arguing with someone when he was overheard saying: "Even if the Prophet Mohammad comes down (from heaven), I will not become a believer.
MOBI has agreed to provide a first priority secured bridge loan to QAT to a maximum amount of CDN $800,000 in order to assist QAT in meeting the normal course obligations until the closing of the Transaction.
Qat refers to the young leaves and shoots of the qat tree, cultivated in
Police nabbed a 21-year-old Yemeni for possessing 30kg of qat leaves at a taxi stand in the Malaysian town of Changlun.