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Quality assessment team. A UK group of health professionals and administrators which oversees a service commissioned by a primary care trust (PCT) and implemented by a hospital trust.

Quality Assessment Team roles (e.g., cervical screening programme)
• Monitor outcomes;
• Visit site regularly to monitor process;
• Report to the regional Department of Public Health;
• Route to performance management by the Strategic Health Authority;
• Point of contact for national screening.
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, kat, qat (kot) [Arabic qāt]
A plant (Catha edulis) found in east Africa and the Arabian peninsula whose leaves are chewed for their stimulant properties.

The leaves contain norpseudoephedrine (a drug with amphetamine-like properties that can cause anxiety, insomnia, and, occasionally, psychosis).

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However, he acknowledged that increases in qat cultivation and the illegal drilling of water wells exist and are in violation of law 275.
Qat, a plant-based stimulant, grows in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen.
"The fact that qat is controlled in some, but not all, countries is
He said the solution to the water issue was to ban qat cultivation, but acknowledged that would be impossible because qat is so entrenched in Yemeni society.
Curiously, it is legal to bring qat into the United Kingdom and other European countries where its use is increasing even among people not of Middle Eastern or African extraction.
BADIN: QAT workers took out a rally and staged a demonstration outside local press club in Tando Bago town, demanding expulsion of all 'outsiders' living in the province, especially the Afghans as per the apex court orders.
QAT leaders, workers, members Sindhiani Tehreek, SST and SPT from all over Sindh participated in the workshop.
According to the amendments, each student appearing in the QAT will have to score 40 per cent marks instead of 33%, while on the other hand, the selection criteria for qualifying the preliminary QAT for a new applicant school has been increased from 50% to 66.67%.Moreover, these amendments will be applicable to the partner schools having a strength of 200 or more students in September.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has issued tentative schedule of its annually held 15th Quality Assurance Test (QAT) for the private schools partnering under Foundation Assisted School (FAS) program of free education for the deserving students in Punjab.
"The clashes started when qat merchants at the market refused to continue paying taxes to the Bayt Hanash tribe on Sunday," said Khalid Al-Ghubari, a member of the Houthi Political Office in Dhamar governorate.