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North America bucked the global trend, notching a 7% increase in CMTS and edge QAM revenue in 4Q12 from 3Q12
Consumers' bandwidth demand drives QAM channel and RF port growth
Streamlined Deployment of New QAM Channels: By delivering content digitally to the node, new QAM channels can be added without adjusting the headend RF combining network or re-balancing the HFC plant.
I am excited to work with the QAM team to identify compelling investment opportunities in the public markets.
The LxS-16016 wideband edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) solution is believed to be the industry's first all-digital, carrier grade wideband edge QAM.
An added advantage of the D5 UEQ's increased density is that an operator can choose between Quad Bonding ratios (4 QAM channels per RF port) and Hex Bonding ratios (6 QAM channels per RF port) to be able to mix and match QAM capacity to the network configuration needed on a channel by channel basis.
CommScope's LxS-16016 wideband edge QAM, which CommScope believes to be the industry's first all-digital, carrier grade wideband edge QAM, is a dense, scalable solution that is vital to supporting more of the advanced and next-generation services over HFC (hybrid fiber coax) networks.
The BigBand BME is currently broadly used for QAM modulation of MPEG content required for digital video services such as VOD and switched broadcast.
a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks, will introduce what it believes to be the cable industry's first all-digital, carrier-grade wideband edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) solution--the LxS-16016--during The Cable Show this week.
Infineon and Metalink continuously work to extend the capabilities of QAM VDSL, each making great strides in advancing the technology.
By integrating a QAM interface with an EPON optical network unit, or ONU, a cable operator can easily offer digital TV services without building new video distribution networks.
Carriers which deploy a supercell configuration, one large cell covering a broad geographic region, can easily increase capacity by assigning 16 QAM modulation to users closer to the base station and QPSK modulation to users further from the base station.