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Acronym for quality-adjusted life years, an adjustment that allows for prevalence of activity limitation.

quality adjusted life year

A parameter derived from a modification of standard life-table procedures, which is designed to take account of the quality of life as well as the duration of survival with a particular disease—e.g., cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis. QALY can also be used in assessing the outcome of healthcare procedures or services.

quality-adjusted life-years



A measure of health that combines the duration of life and its degradation by disease or death. A year in perfect health is considered to have a QALY of 1.0; a year of life in a coma is assigned a lower QALY approaching zero.
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1 QALYs were gained per 1,000 people aged 65 years.
The ICUR was then compared to a willingness-to-pay threshold of $50,000 per QALY to determine whether the more effective strategy can be afforded.
36) Using a model similar to that in the current analysis, the ICER over a five-year horizon for mirabegron was [pounds sterling]4386 per QALY gained, well below the U.
Um aspecto importante em relacao a aplicacao do QALY e a nocao basica que o perpassa de que para qualquer individuo a perspectiva de viver anos Y com menos do que a saude plena podem ser equiparada a prospeccao de viver X anos em plena saude, quando x < Y (22).
A univariate sensitivity analysis is conducted for changes from the base case relating to discount rate, QALY disutilities for MMR of -0.
The change in the QALY for the MBSR(BC) (solid) and UC (thatched) groups is shown in Figure 4.
We recorded the resulting prevalence (for men and women), costs, and QALYs before and after the vaccination program.
It was surprising that the hysterectomy QALY was higher, considering that hysterectomy is a highly invasive surgery.
The cost-effectiveness ratio for supplemental ultrasonography was $325,000 per QALY gained (range, $112,000-$766,000).
An alternative and perhaps more readily grasped way of expressing the QALY results is that patients undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy enjoyed an additional 0.