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Acronym for quality-adjusted life years, an adjustment that allows for prevalence of activity limitation.
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quality adjusted life year

A parameter derived from a modification of standard life-table procedures, which is designed to take account of the quality of life as well as the duration of survival with a particular disease—e.g., cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis. QALY can also be used in assessing the outcome of healthcare procedures or services.
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quality-adjusted life-years



A measure of health that combines the duration of life and its degradation by disease or death. A year in perfect health is considered to have a QALY of 1.0; a year of life in a coma is assigned a lower QALY approaching zero.
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This multicenter prospective trial showed that Oncotype DX is cost-effective and improves QALY in a developing country model.
In comparing our findings to other studies, one study in China (30) found that adding docetaxel to ADT among patients with high-volume disease increased cost and effectiveness by US$14,628 and 0.69 QALYs, respectively, producing an ICER of US$21,200/QALY gained.
Among migrants from very high-incidence countries, IGRA screening coupled with postarrival rifampin treatment had a cost per QALY gained of $16,291 compared with the base case.
Second, we acknowledge that there are issues with both the validity and applicability of the QALY concept and use of cost-per-QALY estimates to inform pricing and reimbursement decisions.
Mostly, QALYs and DALYs are used in CUA (Sassi, 2006), keeping in mind the difference that the method of modification of the years of life passed with health is known as "quality adjustment" (expressed as QALYs), while the course of modification of the lost years of life passed with health is named "disability adjustment" (expressed as DALYs) (Tulchinsky et al., 2000; Arnesen et al., 2009).
The purpose of this study was to assess whether a home care medication management care intervention that included NCC and medication devices increased incremental savings in terms of costs per QALY. Researchers hypothesized there would be incremental savings in terms of costs per QALY gained in both intervention groups (NCC + machine and NCC + Mediplanner) when compared to the control group.
We explored replacing each countries EQ-5D based QALY weights by "1-DALY's disability weight"; we varied influential parameters in the parent economic evaluation in the case of pneumococcal vaccine--those related to acute otitis media; used of local life expectancies to estimate DALYs; and incorporated normative (general population) utilities to estimate QALYs in the HPV vaccination model which were not incorporated in the base-case analyses; and also tested a scenario where the demographic characteristics of the three countries population was standardized in order to explore whether demographic differences had an impact in the QALY vs.
They estimated that, currently, using the colonoscopy regimen with coinsurance, 12.8 colorectal cancer deaths occurred per 1,000 people aged 65 years and 124.1 QALYs were gained per 1,000 people aged 65 years.
We applied a 3% discount rate to estimate the savings in both QALY and lifetime medical costs in present values by preventing one case of PAH.
As most included studies were CUA, results were most frequently expressed in terms of cost per QALY. As for the CEAs, results were reported in terms of cost per response or remission, cost per DWSS, cost per LYG, and cost per MH.
We have shown that the mean lifetime cost per QALY for THA in our mission setting is between $2939 and $4442.77 and, depending on the classification of the costs of volunteer transport and accommodation, could be as low as $200.