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Symbol for the increase in rate of a process produced by raising the temperature 10°C; rate of contraction of an excised heart approximately doubles for every 10°C (that is, Q10 = 2).
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A gene on chromosome 8q24 that encodes a protein required for RNA-mediated gene silencing by the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC), binding to short RNAs, such as microRNAs or short interfering RNAs, and represseing the translation of mRNAs complementary to them. EIF2C2 lacks endonuclease activity and does not appear to cleave target mRNAs. It is required for transcriptional gene silencing of promoter regions which are complementary to bound short anti-gene RNA through inhibition of translation, independent of endonuclease activity.
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temperature coefficient

a measure of the rate of increase in METABOLIC RATE over a 10-degree range in temperature. Thus if an organism has a metabolic rate at 10 °C of T units, a rate of twice T units at 20 °C, the Q10 = 2. A Q10 of 2 is the typical exponential increase in rate exhibited by enzymes up to a certain maximum rate, after which DENATURATION occurs faster than increase, causing an overall reduction of the rate.
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