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A keto derivative of pyran.
Synonym(s): pyranone
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Amongst the three isomers (2-4), we found that compounds 2 and 3 were more active than compound 4 (Table 1), suggesting that the opening of the pyrone cycle in position C-31 may decrease the cytotoxic activity.
1) has a flavone nucleus composed of two benzene rings linked through a heterocyclic pyrone ring.
This basic structure is comprised of two benzene rings (A and B) linked through a heterocyclic pyran or pyrone (with a double bond) ring (c) in the middle.
Former structure activity relationship studies of styryl lactones indicated that the 6, 7-double bond on the pyrone ring or the chloration at 7-position is the more crucial structural requirement to increase the cytotoxicity (Bermejo et al.
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Kava pyrones have been sold in Germany as OTC anxiolytics until June 2002, when all preparations with a kava pyrone content of more than [10.
Besides sedatives and antidepressants clinical studies of anxiolytic effects have also been published for kava pyrone preparations.
Ghosh BP, Mukerjee AK, Banerjee S (1955) New pyrone derivative, Cirantine, oral contraceptive.
Researchers have identified several pharmacologically active Kava pyrones, which have a primarily anxiolytic effect (e.